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Project Overview

Project Overview:
In tandem with the vision behind Youthtivity, we set forth to develop a mobile application tailored to help users effortlessly discover premier sports programs for their children in their vicinity.

Platform Features:

  1. Localized Sport Program Discovery: The application integrates geographical data, allowing users to find the most suitable sports events for their children near their location.

  2. Admin Interface: A comprehensive web-based panel empowers administrators to craft, categorize, and manage sport events, thereby ensuring users always have the latest information.

  3. Enhanced Security: Integration with Authy provides an added layer of security through 2-factor authentication, ensuring a safer user experience.

  4. Geo-Integration with Third-Party Services: Incorporating both Google Maps and Facebook events, the app provides real-time geographical data for event locations, enhancing user accessibility.

Technical Expertise and Challenges:
Leveraging a robust tech stack, our team accomplished several feats, including the development of a REST API using Node.js, meticulously designing back-end and database architecture, and sculpting a responsive mobile application via React Native.

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