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Project Overview

Collaboration with Trastra: Our association with Trastra, a trailblazing personal banking initiative within the blockchain space, guided us to the unique intersection of cryptocurrency and conventional financial systems.

Innovative Financial Solutions:
Trastra’s financial solutions boasted features such as a payment account with a personal IBAN, SEPA transfers support, a Visa-issued payment card, and a comprehensive banking app equipped with multiple cryptocurrency wallets. These features empowered users to fluently trade, exchange cryptocurrency, and incorporate it into everyday transactions.

Technical Mastery and Design Expertise:
Our engagement spanned web and mobile platforms, pushing the horizons of our expertise. Using pivotal technologies like Express.js, Node.js, React Native, and React/MobX, our team tackled intricate challenges, fusing avant-garde blockchain tech with classic financial services. A key phase was our business analysis, ensuring a deep grasp of Trastra’s needs. Complementing this, our designer’s continuous involvement refined the user experience and interface throughout the project.