Sandbox is a multipurpose HTML5 template with various layouts which will be a great solution for your business.

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What is UI/UX Design?

What is UI/UX Design? US stands for the user experience while UI means user interface. Both abbreviations refer to design and they are of high importance for any IT product. We’ll tell you the essentials about these two issues. User experience What comes to your mind when you think of the design? Do you think […]

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Mobile development trends 2019

The number of mobile phone users is over 5 billion people and make it extremely important to consider mobile development trends when developing your app. If a business ignores this figure, there’s a high risk to lose profit in the nearest few years. What can you get from reaching your customers through mobile phones? Can […]

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What is an End-To-End development?

End2end development comprises a few issues: software, hardware, and human skills. It means that there’s only one team working on the application from beginning to the finish line. You may hear about E2E solutions that aim at setting the efficient workflow of any business. Here we mean cost, time and hiring qualified developers. One single […]