What’s so special about JavaScript that is has become the top programming language these days? There are a few reasons for it. You can use it on any platform. You can create projects of any complexity like Netflix, PayPal, LinkedIn and others with JavaScript frameworks frameworks. It’s cost and time efficient for developing a new product.

What are the most popular JS libraries for 2019? There are about 50 of them but we’ll take only the top ones. You will have no problems with searching developers and developing complex projects for your business.


One more popular JS framework is Node.js. What you get when using it is an event-driven input/output, lightweight real-time apps that work on any platform. You can develop a scalable application that will easily cope with a great number of connections. You don’t lose page speed load and you get a handy scalability.

Strong points:

  • Processing a big number of requests at the same time
  • A quite big and rushing community with a lot of code samples
  • It makes JS a full-stack tool
  • You can create any element from scratch

Weak points:

  • There were cases of an unstable API
  • There isn’t multi-thread request handling

Node.js is a good choice for fast data streaming applications thanks to its nonblocking features. You get a high performance and quality of the product.


This is the top JS front-side tool that people kindly name as the baby of Angular and React. You can use it for a simple and fast development of the interface part of the software. Its advantages are two-way data binding and rendering data on the server side. Vue has some strong and weak points that we will list below.

Strong points:

  • Fast spread. More and more businesses choose Vue to be the stack to use
  • It’s easy to learn. There’s a little time required for getting started with the Vue
  • It’s easy to integrate with other web elements and technologies
  • Declarative rendering support

Weak points:

  • A little number of available resources
  • A small community in comparison with Angular or React

It’s a simple tool for fast and efficient product release. If you don’t need complex solutions or some specific features for your project. Vue.js is the right choice for you.


This is the most powerful front-side JS framework. What you get with it are fast coding, easy testing, two-sided data binding that will help you see any changes or updates on the server side in no time. What are strong and weak points of this framework?

Strong points:

  • You can develop a PWA site
  • High-quality support by Google team
  • Two-sided data binding
  • Advance mobile web development

Weak points:

  • Battery consuming apps
  • Requires optimization for removing problems with performance
  • It’s hard to learn

If you need a solution for developing a complex project with a lot of elements that should work correctly on any device, Angular.js is a good choice for you. There’s a big number of certified developers and a big community that allows you to create the right product to meet your business goals.

Develop your product with JS

Strong community, a lot of ready solutions make three JS frameworks the most popular ones. They’re good for building projects of various complexity and in a short time. You can benefit more if you hire an outsourcing team that will also save your costs.

Codemotion is a team of JavaScript ninjas. We analyze your business needs and pick up the right solution for them. What we have is a group of popular frameworks that we can use for any type of the project. What you get is a quick MVP launch, time and cost efficiency.

Yaroslav Golovach