Financial technology or FinTech is everything that is related to online payments, online shopping, investments or transfers that you make. People cannot imagine their lives without it. The sums that are invested in the FinTech niche are growing. What will happen in the 2019 year? Let’s take a look at the most popular predictions.

Regulatory technology

Regulatory compliance is the issue that matters. Here we mean everything that is related to the data processing, automating the processes and using the technology to raise efficiency. Automating the processes will minimize the risks of a mistake or accessing any data by the third persons.

The use of the technology will simplify the habitual processes in the financial organizations. We can take Know Your Customer as an example of the regulation that can be much improved with the RegTech.

Artificial Intelligence

We can take artificial intelligence to be the leading trend in 2019 for the FinTech industry. Just some years ago, we had a personal communication between a bank representative and a customer. What we have now is delegating this task to a digital representation. No more human interaction involved. It can be a voice conversation or a chat with the assistant.


  • A credit score. If a person doesn’t have a credit score, there are special tools that will analyze the lifestyle, the behavior and habits to decide whether that person is creditworthy.
  • Security. AI tool serves to protect customers from fraud and aim at simplifying all the payment routine.
  • Customer support. Chatbots and digital assistants will be popular in 2019 and will save billions of dollars for the companies.


It will go much further than just the platform for the cryptocurrencies. A few banks in Asia used the blockchain technology for the money transfers in 2018. Blockchain became a good choice for fast and secure transactions.

Where can we use the blockchain technology in 2019? Controlling the distribution of weapon is a problem that can be solved with the help of transparent registry ledgers. You cannot change any records or add any false data. Blockchain also gives an opportunity to vote for the best candidate online.

It’s good for the healthcare industry to keep records and save them from any fraud. The software that is based on blockchain will be used for monitoring the IoT applications for better device-to-device integrations.

Fintech industry trends

Companies that are engaged in the financial sector will greatly benefit from implementing the latest technologies for automating the processes, improving their services and filling any security gaps. Codemotion team has knowledge and experience in launching FinTech solutions. We follow the trends to help our customers reach their business goals.

Yaroslav Golovach