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Project Overview

Nurturing Digital Artistry with Nuqtah:
In collaboration with Salwa Radwi, a Jeddah native and NFT enthusiast, we embarked on a journey to craft Nuqtah – a platform envisioned to resonate with the Middle Eastern art and culture.


Technical Craftsmanship & Cultural Fusion:
Teaming up with the Nuqtah brigade, our prowess in React was put to the test. The outcome? A platform representing the fusion of art, technology, and rich cultural ethos.

Elevating the NFT Landscape:
Nuqtah is not just another marketplace. It’s a revolution, placing Saudi Arabia on the global NFT stage and acting as a beacon for regional artists and collectors.

Staking Our Legacy in Blockchain and Art:
This venture is a testament to our adaptability, technical finesse, and passion. Through Nuqtah, we’ve married technology with art, offering an experience both intuitive and rich in regional relevance.