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E-Commerce Live Chat

Challenges We’ve Tackled:

We assisted the client in addressing their challenge of needing additional manpower. Through our collaborative efforts, we expanded their team, effectively enhancing their technical capacity.

This allowed them to maintain momentum on their project while ensuring all tasks were handled competently and efficiently. This successful team extension provided the client with a valuable support network, enabling them to fulfill their project goals.

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Rental Property Management

Challenges We’ve Tackled:

The client sought a mobile solution to cater to their target audience’s demand for managing bookings on the go.

They required a dedicated team to develop a mobile app that seamlessly connects with users, facilitating effective communication and booking management.
Our expertise in mobile app development and user experience allowed us to address their needs and provide a reliable solution.

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Software for Construction Companies

Challenges We’ve Tackled:
We aided the client in tackling their obstacles associated with their large, industry-specific product that had been predominantly desktop-based. Their primary requirement was to adapt to the changing landscape of technology and offer web and mobile applications alongside their robust existing solution. Recognizing the increasing demand for modern and portable solutions, we supplemented their in-house team by providing expertise in developing comprehensive and industry-oriented web and mobile applications. This helped the client expand their offerings, catering to a wider range of users and enhancing their overall competitiveness in the market.

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Student Engagement App

Challenges We’ve Tackled:

Our client, already equipped with backend development skills, had kickstarted the project himself, even delving into the React Native coding.

However, they required a team to assume full responsibility for the React Native portion of the project.
Stepping in to fill this need, our team took over the reins of React Native development, leveraging our expertise to bring the client’s vision to fruition.

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SAAS for Insurance Companies

Challenges We’ve Tackled:
We provided the client with experienced developer to enhance the seniority of their team.

Our professional contributed their expertise and skills to improve the development capabilities and deliver high-quality solutions. By augmenting the client’s team with our talented developer, we helped address their need for experienced resources and supported their project’s success.

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Payment Solutions for Retail

Challenges We’ve Tackled:
We addressed the client’s challenge of finding qualified Flutter/Dart resources by providing expert who met specific criteria, including residing in the territory of the European Economic Area (EEA), passing a police background check, and undergoing relevant training.

Our expertise in Flutter development ensured that the client’s project had access to skilled professionals who could contribute to its success.

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