AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that is well-known for fast and easy development of a single page application (SPA). It’s a front-end technology that takes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and turns into a fast, real-time dynamic web app.

Why should you choose AngularJS for your web app?

Users get a super positive experience when the data on the page is updated every single moment, which is a perfect solution for an online store, newsfeed website or any other web app with the dynamic content.

Simplicity is a key word for describing the development process and testing. You get little code thanks to dependency injection and data binding. You can reuse and update them with ease. Modularity will let you divide a huge project into well-structured milestones. AngularJS can make developers’ workflow easier thanks to a big number of tools and support from the Google team.

A remote developer or a team of developers will provide you with efficient communication and workflow. Cooperation with an AngularJS development company in Ukraine is the best choice for building a new project that will give you fast results, high quality of work and cost efficiency.

AngularJS: features and specs

AngularJS comprises AJAX and DOM coding approaches and fits them into a specific structure. You will find this framework opinionated regarding the Create-Read-Update-Delete workflow for developing a new application. This opinion may easily become a starting point that you can update and change for a new project. AngularJS provides developers with directives, data-binding technology, form validation, reusable components, deep-linking and dependency injection, tools for testing and running the app.

MVC Architecture

Model-View-Controller serves to split the project into small and manageable structures. The Model stands for standard JavaScript objects that users interact with. The View is all about DOM and the Controller is responsible for the business logic.

Two Way Data Binding

It’s a super handy tool to get rid of 80% of the code in comparison with standard web development. The ng-model binds the model and the view. A developer updates the model and the view is also changed respectively. And vice versa.


It’s an old HTML with some extra markup. Developers parse the HTML code into DOM that they use in the AngularJS compiler. It’s a handy feature that lets designers make edits right in the HTML code and give it to developers for rendering directives that set up the data binding for the app view.


Adding custom elements or attributes with the ng- prefix gives developers the freedom to compose an application in a unique way. All the new elements are added to the HTML code and they teach browsers show new elements and behavior.


You get a well-defined structure of the project that is split into manageable structures. A module looks like a container where you will find controllers, directives, filters and so on.


Unit or E2E testing is available for developers to make their way of building a new app easy and comfortable. Unit testing is used for defining bugs while the E2E testing is used for catching regressions, wrong components integration, etc.

What projects is Angular best for?

Here are a few examples where AngularJS is the most suitable technology to use. The list is not full but it gives a basic understanding of what kind of projects you can build up with AngularJS. If you plan to start a large-scale project, it’s good to make sure that the AngularJS development services are provided by experienced team players.

UGC websites

UGC stands for user-generated content. Take a look at Upwork or that provide smooth and nonstop workflow. LinkedIn is a great example of a social network.

Video-streaming apps

Netflix, Youtube, and Vevo have impressive user interfaces and billions of visitors each year. Youtube is accessible from any device including the PS3 and it has about 1 billion users.

Business tools

One of the most well-known websites in this category is Localytics. Over 6,000 companies use it as business analytics and marketing platform.

Email services

Gmail by Google is a nice-performing example of a single page application where you don’t have to reload the page to see the new emails (content updates).

Travel portals

JetBlue is an example of a travel platform with over 35 million visitors each year. The data is changing all the time and users get reliable up-to-the-minute data about flights, reservations and so many other things.

How to hire AngularJS developers?

Building up a new web application starts with an idea, a detailed plan of action and hiring one or several AngularJS developers. Once you have a detailed plan of actions and a clear picture of how the app should look like and behave, you will know what kind of an expert you will need.

Hiring a pro developer from an outsourcing company will save your time from educating a new team player and providing comfortable working conditions. An outsourcing company will find the right person who will dive into a new project right on the first day of work. Cooperation with an AngularJS offshore development company is cost and time efficient.

Your new remote team member will have a well-equipped working place and all that is required for being motivated and inspired. The company takes care of all the payments like taxes, sick leaves and so on. You get a new team member that will become a part of your team that you can get in touch with at any time.

AngularJS Ninjas

Codemotion is a team of dedicated developers with over 10 years experience in developing web apps in JavaScript. We can give you the best value for money. We rush st becoming the true ninjas in the world of web development. The projects that we’ve developed will prove it.

We have over 70 people in our company that love challenging projects. We value our reputation, so we do our best to provide every new client with the best candidate that will fit the project goals and mission.

Pro JS ninjas have experience in developing large-scale projects from scratch as well as joining the ongoing projects. Codemotion developers know how to create a robust, interactive and high-performing user interface together with a reliable server-side work.

How do perfect AngularJS developers for hire look like?

What makes the best developers stand out among others? What can influence the quality of their work? Every newcomer has enough knowledge and skills that are combined with positive personal skills. This helps us organize workflow in the most efficient way.

We pick up candidates that fit your project goals and mission. You interview them and we make a deal. You give the tasks and we do the job. We finish on time and you reach your goals. Easy as a pie.

What’s the future of AngularJS?

The number of websites that are built with the help of AngularJS is growing and we can see it at One of the things that make this technology so popular is that it requires one hour of thorough reading to build up a simple website. And it will take a few months to build something impressive.

AngularJS is the very framework that will be in demand in the nearest future. It can be used solo or combined with other technologies to meet all your expectations and requirements. A big community helps developers find solutions for any problem or task that comes out and use predefined solutions made by other developers. If you want your web app to have dynamic elements and high performance, AngularJS is the right choice for you.

  1. What is AngularJS?
  2. How does AngularJS work?
  3. Why do we use AngularJS?
  4. What is the meaning of AngularJS?
  5. What are AngularJS and Node.js?
  6. In which language is AngularJS written?
  7. What is AngularJS route when method?
  8. Where is angular route js?


  1. What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source client-side JavaScript framework that is used for developing dynamic and interactive single page applications that are compatible with mobile and desktop browsers. SPA means that the content updates within one single page.

  1. How does AngularJS work?

AngularJS makes interactive user interfaces that do not require page reload for updating the content on a webpage. It extends the syntax of HTML with the help of directives to make a browser show specific elements.

  1. Why do we use AngularJS?

Easy implementation of MVC helps us split the project into parts and saves developers from creating tons of code. Dependency injection makes AngularJS a great technology for the server-side part of the project. Auto-injected services let developers start a new project in a matter of moment. It comprises everything that a programmer may need for front-end development.

  1. What is the meaning of AngularJS?

It’s a technology that is used for creating single page applications that mean updating or changing the content without reloading the page. AngularJS is a JS framework developed by Adam Abrons and Miško Hevery from Google team. This is one of the reasons for the framework popularity.

It’s an opinionated client-side solution for web applications that provides an easy and comprehensive approach for developers. It uses declarative programming for creating interactive user interfaces and uniting them with the server side.

  1. What are AngularJS and Node.js?

Node.js is light and scalable runtime environment for real-time web applications. AngularJS is a front-end JS framework that is responsible for interaction with the users.

  1. In which language is AngularJS written?

AngularJS is a framework that is written in JavaScript language.

  1. What is AngularJS route when method?

Use when(path, route); to add a new route. For adding new routes, check the ngRoute module to be installed in advance. Use $routeProvider to configure existing routes.

  1. Where is Angular route js?

ngRoute routing module is used by AngularJS for single page applications. The basis for the module is an URL. How does it work? A user requests a specific URL that is captured by the server and it renders the required view according to the routing rules.


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