Apache Cordova is a development platform that is based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A new application is cross-platform. Developers end up with a little piece of code that fits any mobile operating system with no need to use platform-specific language. This technology provides reusable code patterns and allows the app to access the API of the phone like camera, fingerprint scanner or sound.

Apache Cordova essentials

The major components of Apache Cordova are a WebView (for building a user interface), a Web App (for storing the code and information about the app), and Plugins (for accessing device API). There are two development paths for building a new app. The first is a CLI (cross-platform) workflow to create one codebase for several platforms. The second is a platform-centered workflow to get the access to adjusting low-level code.

Why use Apache Cordova?

Developing a new project requires a thorough choice of the technology to be used to make it cost and time efficient. Here are three major reasons to use Apache Cordova for a new app:

  • If there’s a need to make the app compatible with other devices without the need to release it from start to finish one more time;
  • If there’s a need to scale a project built for various app stores;
  • If there’s a need to bind native app components with the WebView for accessing device API components.

What projects is Apache Cordova used for?

Here are successful projects built with Apache Cordova:

  • Pacifica – for taking care of mental health;
  • Sworkit – for exercising at home;
  • JustWatch – for watching movies and shows;
  • Clever Baby – for tracking growth and development of a baby;
  • FanReact – for sharing experience with like-minded fans.

Hire Apache Cordova developers

The first stages of developing a new project are creating a detailed description and looking for the developers who will cope with the tasks. Finding a new member for your in-house team may become a good idea as you are aware of every stage of development. But a list of drawbacks (the need to train a newcomer, to organise a workplace, pay taxes, etc.) make this idea not so good. This has become the reason that companies hire freelance developers that are ready to jump into the project within just a few hours or days.

Apache Cordova development company

A company with a big number of pro Apache Cordova developers is a good choice if you want a reliable and secure deal. How can you check the proficiency of the team members? The easiest way is asking to explain why you should use this or another technology for building your project and to show you the projects developed in Apache Cordova.

Outsource Apache Cordova development company

Communication means wipe off the borders, so having your company team settled around the globe is not something awkward or unusual. Dealing with the offshore development company saves money as there’s no need to pay high rates for local experts and create a positive working place in the office. It’s also time efficient as you contact the company, describe the task and get as many pro developers as you need.

Apache Cordova development in Codemotion company

Building a cross-platform mobile application is an easy and fun task for Codemotion ninjas. We’re a fast-growing JavaScript development company with over 450 released projects and 10 years of experience. What makes us so special is the approach we use for working with clients. We stick to the Agile philosophy where we all turn into a single and united team aimed at creating a new application. Get a new app developed by a team of Apache Cordova ninjas with high performance and efficiency.

Yaroslav Golovach