Predicting the future trends and popularity of some specific technologies in the world of mobile development is not hard if you analyze these issues from year to year. One more thing that is required for a successful prediction is understanding the needs of the customers and their expectations.

We don’t predict any mind-blowing inventions next year but we consider the existing trends and add a bit of innovation to them for the 2019 year.

Smart things

It’s all about the Internet of Things. It’s not only about the use of smartwatches in everyday life. You are not limited to the mobile phone and a watch. Let’s take a look at some examples. You have a parking lot with sensors that detect the car moving by and sending signals to your device about this. You will easily place your car in the required location. Or you can build a smart city if you are in a real estate niche.

We can use this technology for the automobile industry, education, healthcare and so on. It’s a great channel to communicate with the customers and deliver the right information at the right time.


The goal of producing all the wearable devices is making the lives of the customers easier and more comfortable. One of the most popular niches for the devices is healthcare and sport. You can find Android and iOS integrated solutions that will expand in 2019.

If we take a look at the figures, we can see that the sale of wearables was 29 million items in 2014 and we predict the number of sales to be about 250 million in 2019. What we have now is about 350 million gadgets that are used around the globe in 2018. People feel more satisfied with their life and work if they use this type of gadgets.

AI of the future

Artificial intelligence is the thing that we cannot imagine our lives in 2019. It’s important if you plan to attract new customers through the software. A traditional approach of using AI in the application is chatbots or virtual assistants. You have a great chance to get in touch with the software user and deliver the right message.

You can use AI for the customer support services where instant replies and assistance play a great role. You will gain more loyalty to your company and you will help users solve their problems. You don’t have any human factor that can spoil your reputation. Chatbots and virtual assistants don’t get tired and they are available 24/7.


If you prove to your customers that you fully protect their data, you will greatly benefit. This relates to any niche of the market. If you know how to protect the software from attacks, you will benefit from it. Investing in the security of the software is profitable in 2019. If you forget about the data safety and you are attacked, you have a very high risk to lose data and users’ loyalty.

Get a mobile app to meet the trends of 2019

As a team of certified and qualified developers, we watch the changes in the world of mobile app development. We analyze the changes and determine if they can bring profit to any business or not. Codemotion team understands that the goal of any company is gaining profit and giving their users some value.

We’re here to help you reach your goals by implementing the trends for the next year in the applications we develop for you. What we offer is a fast MVP launch, good communication, and efficient cooperation. Check our portfolio and contact us to let us build a new project for your business.

Yaroslav Golovach