React.js is a powerful technology that is gaining more and more popularity among developers. It was first deployed in 2012 for the Facebook newsfeed. Redux is a magic wind that was designed for React. It’s a perfect combination for developing single page applications. If you want to have a highly interactive software, hiring a React Redux developer is the right option for your business.

How much do you have to pay to React developers?

The cost of the project will greatly differ on the salary that you will pay to the developers. What’s an average monthly income of a Redux developer? Here are some facts:

  • UK – $5,900
  • USA – $7,000
  • Switzerland – $6,400-$10,100
  • Australia – $5,100
  • Ukraine – $2,000


You know the rates of the developers in different countries, it’s time to think what kind of team you want to hire. You may consider hiring a few people from one outsourcing company or hire talented people from around the world.

Redux developer: hire the best team player in five steps

The search routine can be roughly divided into five steps that we will describe below.

Step 1. Looking for the candidates. Use social networks like Linkedin, take a look at the CVs in the job ads. Take a look at such freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. The goal of this step is to check the qualification and past experience.

Step 2. Completing a test task. Think of the one that will take one or two hours of work. Sent the task to the most interesting candidates and wait for their answer. Be ready that you may get a few answers with the completed task.

Step 3. Testing the technical background. It’s the right time for checking how good the candidate is at JavaScript. You may ask a few questions regarding React Redux specifically or JavaScript in general.

Step 4. Interviewing. This step is important not only for checking the qualification but for understanding if that candidate is a good fit for your team and project in general. It’s good to analyze if it’s easy to communicate with the candidate or you have some problems.

Step 5. Making the final decision. If you are fine with the rates, communication and technical skills, you can make the decision. If you don’t see anyone who could take care of your project, start the process from the start line.

Hire a React Redux developer at Codemotion

Codemotion is a team of dedicated experts in using React and Redux for building great applications. Here are five reasons for hiring a Redux developer from Codemotion for your team:

  1. You save costs. You work with a remote team player and you save all the operating costs and you don’t pay taxes.
  2. You save time. Each developer has been working long hours over similar projects, so it will take little time to become aware of the new product.
  3. You get a 101% result. We value our reputation, so we always try to give something more than just the code.
  4. You have good communication and a quick problem-solving. There are a lot of communication means, so you will never get lost in the silence.
  5. You get help with organizing the development routine. We can assist you from the first days of project existence

Codemotion becomes a part of your team to deliver the best practices in the use of React and Redux technologies. Single-page applications will take a great niche in the nearest future as it provides users with a smooth and fast UX. A skilled and qualified developer will get the most from the React framework and will add the best features of Redux tool to make the app stand out.


Yaroslav Golovach