A good manager is always in demand, especially in the IT sphere. It takes the second place after software engineers. This position requires a set of specific skills related to financial and management spheres as well and business and technical aspects. A great PM should be able to solve problems and reach the goals.

An IT project manager will relieve you from a huge amount of stress as you delegate management of the tasks to the person that will do their best to perform the tasks the best way. We’ve picked up 5 steps to finding the best project manager for your team.

5 steps to finding a good project manager

Hiring a new team member takes time and efforts. You can spend from a few hours to a few months until you pick up the candidate that will meet your requirements and expectation. There’s one thing that goes beyond these five steps – don’t turn the search of a new PM into a dull and boring routine.

Step #1. Forget about dull job descriptions

You’ve seen hundreds of similar ads with words like “possess great communication skills” or “be self-motivated” and so on. These things should be defined as default ones. It’s much better to describe what kind of tasks the candidate will deal with. You will attract people that are interested in your sphere.

Step #2. Define what you need

Think about what exactly you want from the candidates. If there’s a need to be aware of computer networking, you should decide if the candidates are fine with differentiating a router and a switch or they should see the difference between various Cisco IOS versions. If you choose the second variant, you don’t need a manager. It’s a network engineer.

Step #3. Define the requirements

Make a list of the key obligations and tasks that the future PM will deal with. Make a list of 5-6 items that you will add to the job description. You can take a look at the similar ads of your competitors to borrow some ideas if there are good variants. Make a separate list of what the candidate should be aware of to apply for the position.

Step #4. Define the expertise and complete the job ad

You can make a short list and highlight the key skills that the candidates should possess. The set of skills will be different for remote and in-house executives. Put the lists you have together and consider crossing out what looks weird. A good ad should contain a few words about your company, what kind of person you are looking for and the requirements.

Step #5. Define the budget

What do people expect to get on a monthly or weekly basis? Think about the income of a future manager and how you can afford this position. If you are not fine with paying a full-time position, it can be a part-time one. Or you can outsource the services of a manager and find the one that expects to earn less than your local candidates.

Where to find a project manager?

If you want to find the right person into your team, you should know where to go to do this. There are websites where you can post traditional job ads. There are also freelance sites where you can find good experts for a freelance position. This depends on your requirements and the availability of experienced PMs in your location.

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Yaroslav Golovach