Simplicity and fast load speed are the key things that any web app should provide users with. Single page applications will remain popular in 2019 and you can definitely go in this direction to get profit. We’ve prepared a guide to the top web design predictions for the 2019 year.


We all remember complex menus that contained a lot of information for average users. Navigation through a big number of items in the list or through a big number of pages on the site is complicated and this may push the site visitors away. You can analyze the behavior of the users and take a close look at the first-time visitors.


What can engage more and more users? Animated web elements are well known for each of us, but the right use of them may give you more profit. You can add animated elements to the blocks that should attract more attention from the site visitors than others. Chose the specific areas of the page and add some motion to them.

Colors and structure

Bold colors and unexpected shadows or color combinations will attract the attention of all the visitors. If you can evoke some emotions, you will win. If you have a lot of competitors in your niche, choosing bright solutions may help you stand out. Think of new angles, shapes, fonts and colors for the web page.


It’s a powerful instrument for attracting attention. All the images and pictures should become a part of a web page. We’re used to a traditional page where we have text with a few images. Now we should make the text to be a part of a visual and make the whole web page look like one complete image. If you use traditional fonts, you may use bright and colorful images.


Your goal is to evoke emotions. This is the key thing that will bring you profit in 2019. If you can use variations of fonts and make the web page look outstanding, you will win. You will raise the engagement rate and make site visitors spend more time on your site.


If you have something to say to your audience, use all possible means to do this. And this is the right time not just to say but to shout. You can use all page elements in a hypertrophied look. It’s about images, texts, fonts, other web elements and their behavior. Your task is to evoke emotions and raise interest.

Of course, you shouldn’t be too blind to simply implementing all the trends in your products. You should mind the niche and the needs of your clients. If they want you to give them some specific emotions and some calm effects, there’s no need to add bright elements or huge fonts that will push everyone away.

Follow the modern trends in web design with Codemotion

Who are we and how do we predict the future? We have a time machine that we use for gaining all the possible profit online. We’re joking here. We analyze the successful campaigns of previous years, watch the behavior of the users and mind their activity in the social networks. This helps us draw a picture of what people expect to see on the pages of their favorite websites.

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Yaroslav Golovach