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Crypto Asset Reporting Platform

Challenges We’ve Tackled:
Our client’s vision was to first create a basic dashboard MVP, and then expand its capabilities, aiming for more advanced features and a broader range of functionalities.

Addressing these challenges, our skilled team, starting from scratch, initially dedicated themselves to the quick and efficient creation of the desired MVP. Following the successful development and approval of the MVP, we embarked on the ambitious journey of substantial development to greatly enhance the dashboard’s capabilities.

Leveraging our deep technical expertise, we transformed the initial MVP into a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that went beyond mere improvement. In doing so, we effectively solved the client’s problems, delivering an advanced solution that not only met their original goals but also exceeded their expectations. This entire process emphasized our capacity to handle projects from their inception and rapidly deliver effective solutions, even when working from a standing start.

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Digital Bank

Challenges We’ve Tackled:

Client faced the challenge of irregular long-term tasks across various departments, making it inefficient to maintain a full-time in-house development team.

Given this scenario, they sought the assistance of external contractors who could provide the needed technical expertise on demand.

Our team stepped in to fill this gap, offering flexible and tailored development services in line with the Bank’s fluctuating needs, effectively addressing their problem of maintaining a dedicated in-house team.

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Banking Solution

Project Overview Introduction:In the midst of Germany’s bustling economic landscape, we embarked on an exhilarating project journey. Our mission? To architect a comprehensive digital banking platform, meticulously crafted for the nuanced needs of Germany’s small to midsize enterprises (SMEs). Platform Overview: Multi-Device Accessibility: Whether on the move or at the desk, businesses can seamlessly access […]

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Payment Gateway

Challenges We’ve Tackled:
The client came to us with a vision requiring a dedicated team to transform it into reality. As their strategic partners, we filled this gap with our professional expertise.

Our involvement started with a single developer, but we quickly recognized the project’s scope and scaled our team to 30 individuals. This expansion reflected the magnitude of the undertaking, which revolved around building an advanced payment gateway solution.

Our successful engagement with the client led to the developing of a secure, comprehensive payment solution from scratch, effectively overcoming their initial challenges.

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